Next Release - Version 3.0
  • The latest GFS model will incorporated, increasing global resolution from 720x361 (27km) to 1440x721 (13km).
  • Colour maps will be stepped, and a hard "freezing line" will be added at 0°C/32°F for the temperature scale
  • Wind streams
  • The stepping of isolines and scales of colour maps can be modified by the user.
  • It will be possible to save settings to a unique, fixed URL that can be easily bookmarked, revisited and shared.
  • Support for the placement of multiple markers (which will stack on the left hand side).
  • Markers can be placed by typing in the name of a location ("London", "New York") or a GPS coordinate.
  • Data displayed by placed markers can be customised to user preferences and not limited to surface properties.
Future Releases
  • Split screen mode with the same view but different data displayed on separate halves, thirds or quarters of the screen.
  • A "displacement layer" will be added, allowing the Earth's surface to be displaced vertically according to the selected data.
  • Improvements in weather data compression (using wavelets) and a "level of detail" algorithm will be implemented that will dramatically improve download speeds and general responsiveness.
  • Expandable graphs that will incorporate archived weather data, allowing current conditions to be compared with historic lows, highs and averages. A separate "Historical Weather Viewer" will also be made available, in addition to the current forecast viewer.
  • A camera that can be tilted and swivelled to reveal cross-sectional views of the atmosphere.
  • Volume rendering & 3D wind fields.

As ever, comments and suggestions are welcome so please feel free to get in touch.

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