The World Weather Viewer provides a simple and convenient way to view, query and interact with the latest global weather forecast in a modern web browser.

The Global Forecast System (GFS)

The data is a provided by the Global Forecast System - a numerical weather prediction model that is run and maintained run by the National Weather Service.

Although the global nature of the forecast makes it excellent for viewing large-scale weather patterns, the large distance between sample points means that a local forecast should be consulted for an accurate prediction of local conditions.

Device & Web Browser Support

The viewer is compatible with any web browser that supports WebGL - a necessary feature for performing the complex calculations required to display the forecast data.

Currently, some browsers only have experimental WebGL support, or may support just a subset of its features. In these cases the viewer may be unstable, not work at all, or may have certain features disabled.

Using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox is highly recommended.

Future Plans

The viewer is updated on a somewhat irregular basis (see the changelog). For the near future, the main development goal is to add features that make full use of the rich set of data that the GFS forecast provides. Longer term, the viewer will be extended to incorporate weather and forecast data from additional sources. See the development roadmap for more details.

Comments and suggestions for new features are welcome, so please get in touch.

Viewer images can be freely copied, shared and reused under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License
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